Golf Outings

2024 Golf Outing Packages (Printable)

Outside Golf Outing Policies and Procedures - 2024


Rules and Regulations

All outside golf parties must follow Glastonbury Hills Country Club, Inc. and Glastonbury Hills Golf Club rules and regulations, and must follow the rules and regulations governing the availability of the golf course.
Outside golf events are limited to Monday and Tuesday, and are not available any other day, or on any Monday which falls on a Holiday. Golf outings are available to outside parties by advance reservation. All reservations are on a “first-come, first-served” basis.
The minimum attendance for any Monday or Tuesday golf outing is 60 players.  Maximum course capacity is 128 players.
Monday Shotgun starts are between the hours of 8:00 am and 12:00 pm, while Tuesday Shotgun starts are at 1:00pm, allowing 4 ½ hours for 18 holes of golf play.  If a Double Shotgun is required, there must be 5 hours between the morning and afternoon shotgun starting times, with provisions for both lunch and dinner.


Carts are mandatory for all golf outing participants. Should a non-golfer require a cart (photographer, public relations personnel, etc.), a nominal fee will be incurred. Glastonbury Hills Country Club owns and maintains a fleet of 64 gas-powered golf carts. If any additional carts are required, the outing will absorb all rental fees for the additional carts. The minimum rental cart order is 10 additional carts. The cost of any additional carts that are ordered, but not used, will be added to the golf outing final bill.

Dress Code

Glastonbury Hills Country Club, Inc. has a dress code, and we ask that proper attire be worn at all times in the Clubhouse, on the course, and elsewhere on Club property. Jeans, bathing attire, gym shorts, T-shirts, tank tops, tube tops, halter-tops, mesh shorts, cut-offs, short shirts, tennis outfits and other similar dress are inappropriate. Shorts may be worn, but they must be of Bermuda length, and men’s shirts must be collared. The Club requires that all members and guests abide by this dress code. Any member or guest not in compliance with this policy may be restricted from the club and/or the course until properly attired. In order to avoid embarrassment of your guests, our Pro Shop staff requests that you inform your golfing guests of the established dress code at Glastonbury Hills Country Club. This dress code is strictly enforced.


Any sponsored and/or donated beverages and snacks must provide own ice and coolers. Any leftover beverages must remain at Glastonbury Hills Country Club. GHCC recommends beverage/snack stations be placed at two locations on the course. Should a roving cart be required, a $70.00 fee will apply for each cart provided.

Outing Reservations

Your outing is secured in advance with a $500.00 confirmation deposit.


All golf events are required to report an estimated attendance one week prior to the event date. An itemized bill is submitted to you based on this attendance count. Your initial confirmation deposit is not reflected on the estimated bill, as it may or may not be absorbed in outing costs, since the outing attendance fluctuates from the payment date to the outing date. Your confirmation deposit is posted to the final bill on the actual date of the event. A mandatory payment of 75% of the full amount is due no later than 3 days prior to the outing date. This policy allows you to enjoy your golf day without a concern for account reconciliation. Full payment is due no later than 10 days after the outing. FINAL PAYMENT IS BASED ON THE COUNT OF GOLF AND MEAL ATTENDANCE REPORTED TO US 3 DAYS PRIOR TO EVENT DATE or the actual attendance on the outing date, whichever is HIGHER. Any unused deposit funds are refunded within 10 business days after your event.

Rain Dates

All outside golf outings are considered “rain or shine” tournaments. Glastonbury Hills Country Club reserves the right to cancel an event due to extreme weather conditions, at which time a rain date is limited to the next available date on the Glastonbury Hills Country Club golf calendar.