Membership Rates & Fees

Memberships For The 2021 Season

We are offering immediate placement for the 2021 golf season. The golf course opens as close to April 1st as weather conditions permit, and golf play is available until November 30th.

GHCC is excited to offer a variety of membership options to meet your needs. We have Single, Couples, and Family memberships, as well as Social memberships.

Please complete the membership application and return with a check or credit card (Visa or MasterCard only) with payment.  Call 860-633-5253 for details.

Available Membership Types 

Individual ~ Couple ~ Family
Social ~ Senior ~ Junior
Pool & Tennis Only
Year 2021 Annual Dues Rates
Category  Dues*   
Full Single $3,900
Full Couple $5,200
Full Family $5,800
Weekday Full Single $2,500
Executive Single (Ages 28-39) $2,500
Executive Family (Ages 28-39) $4,200
Junior Executive Single (Ages 21-27) $1,800
Associate Single $2,500
Associate Family $3,500
Senior Single (Ages 70-74) $3,000
Senior Couples (Ages 70-74) $4,500
Senior Single (Ages 75-79) $2,750
Senior Couples (Ages 75+) $3,750
Senior Single (Ages 80-89) $1,875
Senior Single (Ages 90+) $1,200
Social $2,400
Pool & Tennis Only *Not Available
Junior Member (Ages 7-20) $1,090.91
Junior Non-Member (Ages 14-20) $1,363.64
*Subject to 10% Dues Tax

Spending Requirements

Locker Rentals, Bag Storage & Range Plans are also available on an annual basis for an additional fee.

Glastonbury Hills Country Club does have a monthly spending requirement on the golf course from April through November. There is no minimum spending requirement on food and beverage. Our Family and Couples membership types are required to spend $150 per month (plus applicable CT dues tax), May through October, and $75 per month during the months of April & November. Our Single and Social membership types are required to spend $100 per month (plus applicable CT dues tax), May through October, and $50 per month during the months of April & November. 

Weekday Full Single, Junior Executive & Executive Memberships have no minimum spending requirement. 

Spending is limited to expenditures for CART RENTAL and GUEST GREENS FEES ONLY


Member Greens Fees Rates

Per Person - All Days
$25.00 for 9 holes 
$40.00 for 18 holes

Guest Greens Fees Rates 

Per Person - All Days
$30.00 for 9 holes 
$55.00 for 18 holes

Cart Rental Rates

$14.00 per person for a 9-hole round
$24.00 per person for an 18-hole round

No Assessments

Glastonbury Hills Country Club is a privately-owned facility, whose commitment to quality and service for the benefit of the membership, is exemplary.  The annual dues structure is affordably priced, and there are no club assessments for our members.  We welcome you to visit Glastonbury Hills Country Club and view our facility.  For an appointment to tour our club, call any time 7 days a week.